Auron artwork
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Squall revealing his inner fanboy

Auron should have been the main character of the game Final Fantasy X, but the part was instead given to Meg Ryan for sleeping with everyone at Square, so instead he got stuck being Meg Riyan's mentor. He lost the functionability of his arm while trying to rescue Yuna from the hands of head KKK member, Wakka.

Romantic LifeEdit

  • Braska-High summoner of Spira. He persuaded Auron to give up a seven figure income in the church of Yevon in order to join him on his journey to achieve the Final Aeon. Auron and him were unofficially engaged to each other, and would have been married if Braska would not have died of food poisoning while trying to summon the Final Aeon.
  • Jecht-Meg Ryan's father, who was arrested for Necrophilia. Braska and Auron rescued him from prison, and took him with them on their journey.While on the journey, Auron and Jecht developed a deep emotional bond and they planned to run away together on the day of Auron and Braska's wedding, but unfortunately, Jecht's Necrophilia kicked in after Braska's death, and he died of infection.