Catuse167, better known as Cat and also aloofAbacus and that idiot is an editor of the Final Fantasy Wiki and responsible for the UnFinalFantasy Wiki Revolution along with Shockstorm. He has ego issues, going between fanatical autosexuality and emo self-loathing. Usually this happens when he's bored because he thinks it's funny. His most notable acts on the wiki are beating Tidus357 at multiple 1v1 games of League of Legends, because he's been playing League for several more months than Tidus; trying to renovate the Final Fantasy Tactics section and failing; and reading Homestuck. Strangely, he has 13,000 EC and is a moderator, even though none of that stuff is useful.

On the Shipping Wall, he's shipped with Juri and DoorToNothing, with Tabbeh as a facilitator for the latter. However, his personal headcanon is that his relationship with Juri vacillates between matespritship, moiallegiance, and kismessitude; and that DoorToNothing is already taken (except that he isn't). DSS believes that his one true pairing is a calignious relationship with him...except that Catuse feels guilty of pure hateful spite toward DSS that doesn't actually exist, and a calignious relationship requires pure and unconditional hatred, which he is incapable of feeling. The worst that happens between them are goofy shenangians involving your soul.

He runs Intangir Bot and facilitated the creation of DrakeyBot and Sorceror Nobody's bot, Caligorg. In doing so, he's probably unleashed Lord English, who will soon destroy the Final Fantasy Wiki IRC, and later the world. Well, at least Kefka fanboys will be killed in the process. This makes him this universe's incarnation of Doc Scratch, so it's apparent he's an omnipotent pedophile.