"He was better as a Dark Knight."
—Most people who played FFIV

He was a badass before the game, killing people as the king said, but then he started to question the king (something an assassin should never do) and soon enough, he became a wuss. He turned into the first Paladin ever, then he fought the obviously superior Kain and got his ass kicked, and then tried again and again and again and again and again until the kid playing his GBA got pissed and threw it at the wall. For some strange reason, Rosa likes him over Kain. In the end, Rosa marries Cecil over Kain, although Kain is more badass. Cecil gets to have a baby with her (it's true check out the sequel on the Wii). In a nutshell, Cecil's lucky to get the hottest White Mage in Baron (although Rosa's still less hot than Rydia in 3-D).