"My name is Craig.I like Tacos and boritus"

Craig is a secret character from the game Final Fantasy X. He was considered a rumor until very recently, until it was recently proven by an anonymous gamer, who was found dead at his bathroom ten days later. Since then no sitings of Craig have been made.

Getting CraigEdit

Craig can be found at the Temple of Pink Robots, a secret location that can only be reached by the airship after acquiring the Salad Dressing. It is a key item that is obtained after talking to an NPC on the Mi'hen Highroad 364 times in a row, then winning it in a blitzball tournament. When at the temple, the player will play a game of Jeoperdy, and if the player wins, he will be able to challenge Craig. If the player wins this also, Craig will join the party.


As an optional character, Craig impact on the main story is almost zero. However, if the player returns to Bevelle after obtaining Craig, the temple will re-open and you will see a very long flashback of the love triangle between him, Shelinda and the aeon Ixion. If the player defeats Pain-Ass with him dealing the finishing move, Pain-ass will call out: Craig, I am your father, a clear refferance to the czech comic book Zoindershvall.

Craig's EquipmentEdit

Graig comes equipped with a giant paper stapler called Desk Blade, and after he is acquired, Paper Staplers become available in all stores. He also has a Celestial Weapon called New Maxico.