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"I have no recollection of making that, now what toping would you like on your pizza?"
—Pizza delivery guy when asked about the production of Final Fantasy X
"Huh? What's Final Fantasy??"
— When asking a Narutard fanboy what they thought about FFX

Final Fantasy X is the tenth installment in the game series Final Fantasy.


This feature Meg Ryan playing blitzball,badly,and acutally being cheered on by delusional fans


Tidus Meg Ryan: Humps blitzballs
Wakka: Helps tidus humps blitzballs
Lulu: Huge rack,f*ckable, 20 bazillion belts and emo
Yuna:Horny for Meg Ryan
Rikku: Makes dildos out of potions and grenades.
Auron: Badassness