Freya Crescent character
Squall about Freya
"Dragoon,my ass!"
Moogle Kupo
"A walking, Talking Rat-Person? At long last!"
Cheesewow about Freya

Freya Cresant is a protaganist from Final Fantasy IX. She is a rat and a dragoon and looks pretty freaky. She is also a dream-come-true for all those with rat fetishes.

Freya is either a descendant or close cousin twice removed removed of the Norse goddess of love, beauty and fertility, Frejya, but she does not represent those things at all. I mean come on, Love? She got dumped by her boyfriend Sir Fratley, which I say is practically the best name to give a rat-dragon person. How horrid!

What happens in the end, he got back with her and they make some ratty love. More rat babies ready to infestate half the sewers of Alexandria.

She got a worthless knight as a boyfriend,is she crazy!