DS Golbez
"Is he Mexican?"
Cheesewow on Golbez's name
—A cow about Golbez

Golbez ,real name Ceodore (lol) Harvey, is an antagonist in the game Final Fantasy IV. He is Cecil Harvey's brother, the son of KluYa, a Lemurian from the Lemur planet, and Cecilia, who is not a very interesting character. His mind was taken over by Zeus, the head of the gods in Greek mythology, who used him to acquire all the Crystal Mathine on earth. He regained consciousness however, when FuSoYa the old Lemurian broke Zeus's mind control with the reflective field of his special, Lemurian microwave. He then does the Meteo with his uncle dude and gets pwnt by Zeus.He survives in the attack and leaves Cecil to the blue planet(Earth).At the sequel,he dies for Cecil and may Golbez's soul be freed from teh dark armor!