Potion? I thought you said lotion.

"Aren't you a little young to buy this stuff?"
—A clerk to an 8 year old, after confusing potion with lotion
"A potion feels so good rubbed against my big, raw..."
—Any man after confusing potion with lotion

A potion, not to be confused with lotion, is a restorative item in the Final Fantasy universe. Not much is known about how it is made, since it's imported from the Pokemon universe, but recent test have shown that it contains a rat's tail, some fairy dust, and a tiny bit of giraffe sperm.

Of all the things in this world, you need them Potions. All adventurerers in this FInal Fantasy world will start off with one. Potion gets you by and makes you survive that fight with those poor defenseless goblins. But they quickly get pushed away by spells like Cure 69 and Megalixirs.

Really, potions don't get much love. Not like ever.


If you have a family member or friend that addicted to potions,call 1-800-BOOBS or put them in Spira's rehab and we will try our best to make them free of their addiction.