Squall Leonhart character

Tell me he isn't emo

—Squall's most famous phrase
"........ I like poetry..........."
—Squall about himself
—Squall on himself

A Squall is a sudden, sharp increase in wind speed which usually is associated with active weather, such as rain showers, thunderstorms, or heavy snow. Squalls refer to an increase in the non-sustained winds over an extended time interval, as there may be lower gusts during a squall event. They rarely occur in regions of strong mid-level height falls, or mid-level tropospheric cooling, which force strong localized upward motions at the leading edge of the region of cooling, which then eliminates local downward motions just in its wake. Oh, and he's the hero of Final Fantasy VIII.

And is a wall - as in go talk to a wall.

He is notable for having a gunblade, being a deep character, antisocial, and so Emo that it hurts.

In the end,he gets a cute and beautiful(yet worthless and lacks the boobs that Tifa and Lulu have)girl named Rinoa.

He carries and uses a Gunblade,but teh Gunblade does not release bullets or projectiles.

His Limit Break is one of the strongest limit breaks in Final Fantasy VIII it is called uhhhhhhh...something like Renzokuzen.