Yuna is the female lead of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XXX. She is the Daughter of High Summoner Braska, a famous Summoner and Talk show host, and a female employ of the mattress store, Al-Bhed. She is Sid's nephew, making her Rikku's cousin, a fact that would explain why they both share so many characteristics: A speaking disorder, known as CEVES (Crappy English Voice Actor Syndrome); A bit of over optimism; And of course, the fact that they were both kinda a really little slutty in FFX-2.If your dresspheres would all break(indicated by the HP of your dresspheres)in the international+last mission(Japan-only)release in Final Fantasy X-2,you get to see her in a less clothed version of her Gunner dressphere.Just when her original dressphere made her look like a slut,if you get the less clothed version,she became even sluttier(yet still beautiful).