Zidane CG

Zidane Tribal

—Zidane when confronting Italian soccer player, Marco Materazzi
"He stole my tail"
—Goku about Zidane
—A cow about Zidane
Squall regarding Zidane

Zidane is a soccer player from France, who did a part time gig as the main protagonist of Final Fantasy IX.

Before this game, Zidane was meant to become the Death Angel, or Shinigami, which will pwn that loser Ichigo Strawberry in the animoo Chlorine Bleach. Yeah they had this whole Grim Reaper story thing going on for this game, but you never see it. Zidane got taken away by his sibling Kuja the faggit crossdresser to have some pure unadultered monkey boysex.